18th AMSE | Applications of Mathematics and Statistics in Economics | 2-6 September 2015, Jindříchův Hradec


Both Friday afternoon trip and Saturday whole-day trip will be placed to the beautiful landscape of the Southern Bohemia, with using of narrow gauge railway representing a unique technical sight.

On Friday we will use the train with the diesel engine to the station Blažejov (or Malý Ratmírov) and then go back on foot by the nice Hamerský potok valley. The tour is arround 11 km long (with additional 3 km from Malý Ratmírov).

On Saturday the steam train will be used to the station Kaproun, where we will honour Mr Jara Cimrman, the great Czech playwright, poet, composer, philosopher, inventor, teachers and traveller who had been thrown out of the train near this station. After a toast, we will continue to the ruins of the castle Landštejn (15 km) and then return by bus to Jindrichuv Hradec. Refreshment is available on board of the train and in the Landstejn village as well.

Departure times for the trips and the meeting points will be specified at the Conference.


Narrow gauge railway Steam train